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Low maintenance
Although we may use other Artificial Plants, Wooden Roses are the basis of our Beautiful floral arrangements and displays, they are versatile, (very long lasting with the minimum amount of maintenance) and in comparison to real "Flowers" or other artificial plants they prove to be an extremely cost effective and realistic alternative for busy people on a budget.

What are Wooden Roses?
Each one is made by hand, crafted from eight slivers of wood, shaped and bonded together on a polystyrene inner bud. The stem is created with a wire inner wrapped in a green material, which can be bent, shaped and cut as required. These delicate Wooden Roses are then finished to a high quality in a vast assortment of colours / shades, enough to meet the most demanding colour scheme, event or occasion.
Although giving a realistic and delicate appearance the wooden rose is very strong, versatile and practical and due to their individual creation / process each one is unique.



Wooden Rose everlasting gift



50 Valentine Wooden Roses








These Beautiful Wooden Roses look and can even smell like the real thing, they can be arranged to a design, or to your Order or chosen from set arrangements of Bouquets, Baskets, Free Standing, Displays, Gift Packs and individually for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentines, Mothers Day, Christmas Bouquets, special occasions or just to say “Thank You” to that very special person..



Design and development
We are continually
learning, adapting and changing to meet requests for the many practical ideas using Wooden Roses that incorporate various other "artificial" plants and craft items, for the many occasions when the real thing is impractical or beyond budget.

If you have ideas or designs not presently shown here or on other pages / sites, have comments regarding the site design or would like to enquire about our services or wooden roses in general, then please contact us to discuss your requirements, we will make every effort to assist you in meeting your design and to help your ideas bloom.

Why choose us? .. because we check 99% of the stock ordered to ensure it is fit for purpose and not damaged, "Cobwebbed" too much with glue or othwerwise unacceptable. Because we aim to deliver a better quality than most others, at a price that is acceptable.











Wooden Roses Retail
We aim to act as a retailer to supply Wooden Roses, in small to medium quantities at greatly discounted prices to the "artistes" of flora and crafts, students and general public (future Brides to be) who wish to work their own magic designs and colour schemes utilising these beautiful low maintenance roses...







Teddy and wooden Roses in a Basket