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Wooden Roses - Bouquets











The Gallery on this page shows a few examples of wooden roses in Bouquets, loose decoration. Various size bouquets (12 to 50 roses) can be made up to order (containing roses to your requested colour theme / occaasion (usually within 48 hours).
(Posies can be made up for unique Wedding Bouquets, Anniversaries, Birthdays and surprise bouquets can be sent direct to the lucky receipient, with a card containing your message.

Various other forms of artificial plants / flora / ribbons may be used to compliment the roses giving the bouquets more contrast / effect.

Bouquets From £5.00 - £20.00
Small (personal) - From £3.00
(Valentines ect.)

Standard Rate Post and Packing is NOT included in any costs shown


Please note: these pictures are for illustration purposes only, and although the examples may be reconstructed, due to photographic and display screen resolution there may be slight differences in colour shades shown and those which may be available.


Bouquets of Wooden Rose are made up / designed on request.

Why not Design your own?

Contact us for advice and assistance with your designs

Please visit the Products Page for ready made/ ready to despatch items,
Wooden Rose Packs and associated Items.













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